In Style: If you haven't been in in the past two weeks, you haven't seen all the new arrivals from Winston Equestrian and Sarm Hippique! Come see the latest.

In Stock: SPRENGER Sensogan Bits: An improvement on the AURIGAN mouthpiece, the new SENSOGON mouthpiece allows more delicate and sophisticated connection to the horse and has a positive influence on the horse's willingness to perform.

In Service: New Tack Treatment: New tack isn't ready to use! Conditioning improves the color, suppleness and health of new leather. Ask us about treatment for new bridles, martingales, girths, saddles or leather equitation & jumper boots.

ALL NEW INVENTORY from Sarm Hippique & Winston Equestrian including Sarm Hippique Boots

Available at EQ in D-ring,
Eggbutt and 2-ring

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"Just wanted to Thank you so much for all the work you did for the ad, and the speedy time line. I really appreciate everything. They all turned out great and really fit me." –Missy F.