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Meet Outfitted by EQ's 2015 Elite Rider, Professional show jumper Giana Roberge. Giana brings proven mental discipline to her equestrian endeavors, having been a World Champion cyclist, multi-time National Champion and member of the International Cycling Hall of Fame. Her approach: ride with finesse and focus on a horse’s strengths, not on fixing weaknesses.

An up-and-coming grand prix rider, Giana is showing throughout the western region on her new mount, Murka’s Milord d’elle (Ronnie).

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More About GIANA

Giana Roberge is an independent rider and trainer, offering services and insights, branding herself as a company, GiPro. Giana trains select private clients, is part of the KMC Farm team at Sonoma Horse Park, and catch-rides all she can... read more

Giana on the Road

Giana brings the show jumping circuit to life in her blog. Share in the excitement and experience the ups and downs along with her...
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