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We're pleased to announce Outfitted by EQ's 2016 Elite Riders.

Priscilla Trees, Owner / Trainer at Copper Hill Farm, offers the experience of private training in a shared setting. She is outfitted by Asmar Equestrian.

Shannon Beck, Assistant Trainer at Chestnut Hill, is a believer that excellence must be built on a solid foundation of basics. She is outfitted by Sarm Hippique.

Follow them throughout the year as they support the Elite Rider program while showcasing their brand sponsors.

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Outfitted by EQ's Professonal Services help trainers save time and money managing day-to-day needs. Keep your barn and team outfitted and show-ready and ensure that all your riders have appropriate tack and gear. Click here to learn more about how the Outfitted by EQ program can benefit your barn.


"Excellence built on basics" is the cornerstone of her training philosophy.


"Our riders benefit from a consistent, flexible training program that makes the well being of the horse a top priority."

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and Priscilla
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