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  • Charleigh's Cookies are hand made horse cookies baked from wholesome, organic ingredients. Join Club Charleigh's to have cookies auto-shipped to you every month

  • Renowned equestrian and frequent Sonoma Horse Park clinician Bernie Traurig partners with us to promote continued education. Subscribe to Equestrian Coach online.


  • Look for EQ in each issue of Horse & Style for expert advice and our unique Outfitted by EQ program.


  • Kat Ripley, Certified Large and Small Animal Massage Practitioner, improves the health, happiness, well-being and performance of all animals. We can vouch for her!


  • Jennifer Kallam and JK Training provide well-rounded education for horse and rider from their facility in Woodside, California.


  • Artist Jody Werner is EQ's artist and web designer. She also brings humor to the horse world through her cartoons & humorous essays.


  • Our personal experience with Belinda Burnside and Nimbus Equine has made us believers in the healing powers of body work. We wholeheartedly endorse them for people and animals!


  • ProEquest and EQ work together to reach equestrian professionals worldwide and be a central resource for outstanding services.


  • EQ is pleased to be a premier provider of gear, prizes and sponsorships for the Sonoma Horse Park 2014 show series. Together, we bring you the ultimate horse show experience.


  • ThinLine saddle pads and tack are made with a shock-absorbing, non-slip, breathable foam. Molds to the horse, creates better saddle fit, and enhances riding.

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