Tack cleaning in the Winter is somewhat dependent on your tack cleaning from the Summer and Fall.  If you've done a recent overhaul and it is very clean and conditioned and sealed, then a simple wipe-down will do it. 

If, however, you're like the rest of us, there's a bit of residue and the tack is on its way to being either 1) sticky, and/or 2) soggy.  Well here's a trick ...

First, don't be afraid to vigorously wash -- w...

Many of you have endured my lecture on sock selection - especially for tall boots.  And I bet -- if you've heeded my advice -- you now agree.


Take note the next time you wear some wild print that resembles a knee-hi stocking -- yes, that smell is from your socks!  Having performance socks are not just more comfortable, it's better for your foot and your boots.



We are athletes -- we sweat, get di...

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"The boots fit me perfectly. Thank you so much for making sure I got the right boot for the job."

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