This Harcour padded jacket is warm and comfortable with its quilting and polyfil lining. It is water-repellent and windproof. "Rider's" double zip in front and discreet zipper in the back allows the equestrian to stay warm while riding or out about town. The inner cuffs of the padded jacket are made from polyamide to keep out the cold and retain a constant body temperature. It features a large, warm and cozy detachable hood made from 100% faux fur. All the padded jackets in the Winter collection are made without the use of animal fur or duck down, making them #animalfriendly.

Harcour Valentina Padded Jacket

    • Removable faux fur hood
    • Water-repellent and windproof
    • Cut to suit any body type
    • Zippered pockets