Uvex eyewear is safe, well-built, and functional for athletes. Promoting sustainability and saving resources, the Uvex Sportstyle Ocean P is made 100% from discarded fishing nets, recycled from the sea. Ghost nets are a global problem. Fishing nets left or lost in the ocean can be deadly dangerous to sea creatures. Yet, they are a resource that can be recycled and upcycled to make new products. With the Sportstyle Ocean P, Uvex is demonstrating the potential for modern, recycled sunglasses. In addition, the manufacturing process saves 55% on CO2 emissions and requires no crude oil or petroleum. The result: new sports sunglasses with Uvex polavision® technology that diffuses light and protects against glare and reflection.

Uvex Equestrian Sportstyle Ocean P Sunglasses

Color: Black / Silver Mirror
    • Made from 100% discarded fishing nets
    • Lightweight and made to fit under a helmet
    • Impact resistant lenses
    • 100% UV protection
    • Made in Germany