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ColossusTex is a visionary platform aiming to make the textile industry future-proof by delivering effective and efficient solutions to the textile supply chain management domain. We contribute to make businesses more sustainable in the long-term and offer positive return on investments through our well-conceived and tenaciously enforced customized solutions. Our team values optimization and its immense impact across business verticals. Hence, you will experience quality service-models addressing your specific business needs. Our models leverage cross-functional dependency between operations and supply chain to introduce effective implementation of proposed solutions to help our clients realize their business milestones.

When you are searching for a product that can be widely used in most projects, choosing FDY is becoming a trendy one. From the textile industry to the accessories industry, in most of the sectors, the product is being used, and the product is also getting suitable for you. Here is the topmost usage of the FDY Yarn that is becoming efficient for the users.

Viscose is one of the most sought-after fabrics in the summer, as it is perfect for creating comfortable and light garments that do not retain heat. It is synthetic but light and comfortable; it is suitable for all styles and in several pieces, models, and look proposals. Viscose Yarn is a type of fabric known as rayon, the result of extracting cellulose fibres from the core of some trees converted into fabric threads.


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