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Assistance in Writing Papers for Students and Graduate Students

The MIT is one of the leading universities in the country, which trains highly qualified personnel in the field of logistics. Education in this educational institution is a continuous process during which students acquire knowledge and skills within the chosen specialization.

MIT graduates’ professionals in demand in the transport, construction, economic and legal, tourism, environmental industries, management, transport medicine and journalism, etc. This university currently has 2 academies and 8 institutes. All branches have a high reputation in USA and abroad. In these training centers, you can get a full-fledged education of the degree "bachelor”, "master", as well as undergo postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Features of the performance of work for students

Within the walls of your university, there is a special procedure for preparing and writing educational and student papers. All works are thoroughly checked for quality and plagiarism. The supervisor will check the study for errors and uniqueness. In case of detection of incorrect phrases, errors and typos, the work will be sent to the author for revision.

Compliance with plagiarism is an important condition for admission to the protection of the project. The minimum requirement for the uniqueness of the project is 60%. The current procedure for checking for plagiarism was approved by order of the rector. The uniqueness of the work depends on the specialty and discipline. It needs to be verified by the department.

Among the important conditions for the preparation and writing of educational and scientific projects are compliance with the structure and proper presentation of the text and design.

Compliance with the structure

The study should have a “skeleton”: title page, table of contents, introduction (relevance, purpose, tasks, novelty, subject, object, significance, methodological base are indicated), the main part (theoretical aspects, analytical and recommendatory chapters), conclusion, application.

Proper presentation of the text and design

The material should be presented strictly in a scientific style, taking into account professional terms and turns. The work should be drawn up in accordance with the methodological recommendations, which are based on several different standards put forth by the universities and government. Heading hyphens are not allowed. It is important that the practical chapter contains data analysis and the development of interventions designed to improve the situation.

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