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January 7, 2018

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Quick Tip for Winter Tack Care

December 5, 2019

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EQ's Summer Trends

June 30, 2016

For the May/June issue of The Competitive Equestrian Magazine tapped EQ for insights, ideas, and examples of this year's Trends in Equestrian Fashion.


As with every year, Spring 2016 abounds with vibrant colour to welcome the new season.  Here we’ve named the big trends we’ve seen at The Equestrian’s Concierge – our tack shop at Sonoma Horse Park:

  1. Colours: Pink and Blue -- and shades of Grey

  2. Breeches: Contrast Knee Patch and Back pockets

  3. Show Coats: Safe base with subtle expressions of style

  4. Mixing prints: show shirts, training shirts, fashion


The 2016 Pantone Colours of the Year are Serenity and Rose Quartz and the equestrian fashion desigers bring them to sportier brights.  The delectable colours we see across most brands are:

  • Punch of Pink: from carnation to bubble gum to borderline-fusia, pink is seen in large doses or as a surprise detail to offset something more serious.

    • Asmar Equestrian's leather and apparel Punch Pink:  Asmar Polo, Merino Wool Vneck, Bucket Bag, and Belt Purse

    • Fior Da Liso features pinks and blues with their usual impeccable details


  • Tease of Turquoise: azure blues to tiffany is the most consistent trend across fabrics, designers, and continents.

    • Technical shirts protect from sun while managing heat and moisture: Kastel Studio SPF, Goode Rider's new Seamless, Ariat's Tri-Factor, Asmar Equestrian's Sun Shirt

    • Breeches: The popular (and reasonable) Romfh Serafina Breech introduces Azure and Seaglass to its collection and Asmar Equestrian's Classic Breech in Black is accented with turquoise stitching -- that corresponds to their classic performance polo

Not just in shirts and jackets, we have more colourful belts and leather goods that we ever have!  And what’s really fun is the reversible craze – you’re essentially getting two looks in one.


Shades of Grey -- don’t know if its 50 shades, but across the board, style-makers are choosing shades of grey, getting away from the heaviness of black or stark of white. It’s softer and stays clean longer and there’s a shade of grey for every skin tone and hair colour.  Its also not just for the ladies, men’s apparel is creating cool in the grey palette as well.

Ariat's Aptos Show Shirt, Ariat Olympia Corsair Breech, Asmar Woven Collar Polo, Ariat Keen Plaid, FITS reversible belt shows the myriad of ways grey is being used.


Winston Equestrian's Men’s Ash Breech and Grey Stripe Show Shirt pairs beautifully for show -- still sedate enough for the Hunter ring.



Breeches with contrast knee patches and back pockets. 

Once the definitive difference between men’s and ladies’ breeches, back pockets – flap pockets – are now a sought-after flattering detail.  It started as a jeans-cut look, with patch pockets on the back with fancy stitching and denim styling.  In recent years, we’ve see a few daring designer choose to add flap pockets, leaving ladies questioning, “are these men’s …?”  No they are ladies’ and much like we found out when adding the Euroseat seam to seats, having back flaps is a flattering look.


The most “now” statement look is the contrast knee patch.  Dressage riders have been rockin’ the contrast seat for some time now, and now the hunter/jumpers get their turn.  Another way to be utltimately coordinated, we’re seeing breeches with coordinating knee patches, piping, and stitching paired with tops, jackets and show coats of the same colour scheme.


Winston's breeches for ladies feature contrast knee patches and top stitching and the Sarm Hippique Rebecca takes it even further with light-coloured patches on dark breeches. 



Show Coats are undergoing a bling backlash with more of a traditional base and small touches of expression on piped collars, linings, buttons -- and zippers.  Once velvet, collars moved to suede, but for an even more modern look, the choice is satin -- as seen here on the Sarm Hippique Antea.

 Zippers, once feared by Equitation competitors, are now pervasive on pockets and as a hidden closure as seen on the The FITS Zephyr II and Kerrits' Competition Coat.   It takes the brunt of the work, allowing outer buttons or snaps to lay pull-free.  They are also quite functional fitting a horse treat, show schedule and in some cases your phone.



Details are everywhere and with the trend of mixing prints, we’re seeing a playful placket, an interesting collar, and a reason to turn back cuffs.  Found on everything from button-downs to technical sport shirts, brands are using stripes, plaids -- and the biggest news checks – all together.


Fior Da Liso made a splash with their mixed-media button downs several seasons ago, but are still quite popular.  Winston Equestrian has fashioned their non-show shirts with similar treatments of the finest fabric.  Even Ariat is going the extra mile to line its cuffs and collars, using contrast stitching and buttonholes.  And the mix doesn’t even have to be the same fabric – Asmar excels with woven collars on tech shirts – even one with grosgrain as the collar lining.



To give your last year’s wardrobe a little lift, or give yourself a deserved treat, you may want to push the envelope a bit more and choose a bold piece to rotate in.  Regardless of trends, great taste and a personal sense of style never go out of fashion, so make it your own even when choosing something from this season’s fad. 


For more on these trends and other ideas we have for looking your best for 2016, visit our new online store at www.EquestrianConcierge.com – download our new app for the most convenient mobile shopping.

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