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Ashley Matchett Woods, Owner & Strategist

The Equestrian's Concierge marries the personal passions of Ashley Matchett Woods: her life-long love of horses and her 25-year commitment to branding, marketing and customer service.

Ashley created brand strategies and integrated communications for some of the world's largest companies like Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, and Sony.  She served as an advertising agency executive, corporate officer and independent consultant. In 2006 she retired from that life to pursue her entrepreneurial dream and immerse herself in everything horses.


Ashley has made The Equestrian's Concierge Northern California's source for premium brands and equestrian services -- as well as helping equestrian business succeed through EQ's Branding & Marketing Services. Her unique insight and understanding of building trust with customers assures successful endeavors for her clients, partners and vendors. Ashley is married and lives in Marin County, California with her husband, Craig, and her dog, Cookie.  She of course still rides her own horse, EQ's Bella Luna.

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Claire Peaches Dubé, Country Boy, Marketing Manager, Website design, site development, social media, business advice

EQ's Branding & Marketing Services' Manager is Peaches Dubé.  Working with Ashley since she was just 16 years old, Peaches is currently completing her education simultaneously at UC Berkeley and under the tutelage of Ashley in the disipline of marketing theory and practice.  She has an innate acumen for marketing strategy and a natural eye for creative and design.  Experienced in the marketing of clients' businesses in and out of the equestrian world, along with that of marketing EQ itself, Peaches has become our resident expert and consultant on Social Media planning and implementation.

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"I want to tell you how much we appreciate the help and service your staff offers.

It's great to know my clients will be outfitted appropriately."

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