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Quick Tip for Winter Tack Care

Tack cleaning in the Winter is somewhat dependent on your tack cleaning from the Summer and Fall. If you've done a recent overhaul and it is very clean and conditioned and sealed, then a simple wipe-down will do it.

If, however, you're like the rest of us, there's a bit of residue and the tack is on its way to being either 1) sticky, and/or 2) soggy. Well here's a trick ...

First, don't be afraid to vigorously wash -- with soap. Best to stay away from "2-in-1" washes or other as they leave residue. Work up a good lather and rinse away. Rubbing down with a towel or old washcloth is best.

Next, spray the tack with alcohol -- yup, you heard me -- the alcohol will disinfect and help the tack to dry.

Lastly, when it dry, use a creamy conditioner -- not too oily or you are right back where you started. And speaking of oil, don't be fooled -- oil is not a substitute for conditioner.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE -- Here are my fave products for each phase:

  • Cleaning

  • Good old fashioned Fiebing's Saddle Soap (white) in the tin with a tack sponge (not rag)

  • Wiping

  • Cheap wash cloths - they get a tiny bit of roughness which helps

  • Conditioning

  • Belvoir Leather Balsam -- the orange tin jar

  • Effax Lederbalsam -- the brown/yellow jar

  • Deep Conditioning

  • Stubben's Hamanol in the orange tube

EQ provides leather reconditioning and repair services and is happy to help! Don't hesitate to contact us

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