Ready-Set-Show: a Preparation Guide

You’ve got a lot to think about when getting ready for show season. Follow the timeline below and use the shopping list to help ensure that nothing is forgotten.


When's your first show? Did you compete in the Winter Circuit? Waiting for Spring? Here's a list of timing to consider:​​

10 weeks: CUSTOMIZE

  • Custom boots require a minimum of 8 weeks. Make an appointment to be measured and order your boots no later than 10 weeks before you’ll need them.

  • Pre-Show Shop at The Equestrian’s Concierge to determine what other custom items you may need: custom-ordered coat, saddle pads -- even a fake tail.


  • Do you need Tack trunk, tack trunk cover?

  • Barn Show Blankets -- EQ has a directory of what most trainers want


  • Try on and assess your show clothes -- what needs replacing? Shop for breeches, helmet, show shirts, socks, gloves and other apparel.

  • Show pads and plenty of wraps for your horse.

  • Bridle, Girth, Martingale/Breastplate, Bit. Order nameplates for tack.


  • Bring your saddle, bridle or boots to EQ for cleaning / conditioning / polishing.

  • Drop off any tack that needs nameplates affixed or that requires leather stamping.

  • Take care of any remaining items on the shopping list.

3-5 days: PACK IT UP

  • Make sure your tack trunk is packed, covered and ready to load before you leave the barn.

  • At home, pack your garment bag and personal items - this is your "locker" for the shows.

  • If you’re driving out of town, fill up your gas tank and get some cash for the trip -- don't forget those checks for non-credit card vendors.

As always contact The Equestrian's Concierge with any questions - we're happy to help -- and can usually ship any extras right to the show.

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Ashley Matchett Woods is the owner of The Equestrian’s Concierge at Sonoma Horse Park in Northern California -- provider of premium brands and services for equestrians and their horses.