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The intelligent pad that keeps your horse cooler! Ecogold's CoolFit Hunter Pad combines a flexible shock absorption system with smart textiles for the most advanced moisture management and heat dissipation. The CoolFit pad senses the sweat of the horse and reacts by reducing its temperature and quickly evaporating moisture. 

Ecogold CoolFit Hunter Saddle Pad

Color: White
    • CoolFit Technology. The air vent is located along the spine of the pad toward the rear and when the saddle is in place, the vent lies directly beneath the seat, allowing air to flow between the panels and circulate through the foam of the pad to the horses’ back.
    • Impact protection. ECOGOLD’s Coolfit Hunter Saddle Pas is made with a 1/2″ thick High Resilience impact foam to provide shock-absorption, support and protect the horse’s back (non-removable).
    • No slipping, no sliding, no friction! Combining ECOGOLD’s innovative Frictionless and Secure systems to prevent friction while keeping the saddle safely secure.
    • Anatomical design for wither relief. The slightly curved spine contour of the Hunter saddle pad allows for significant wither clearance. The flaps have non-slip material but do not have foam for the closest contact possible and a more stable riding position.

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