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Designed to absorb extreme impact, the ImpacTeq Half-Pad provides the ultimate protection for both horse and rider. Utilizing EquiFit's ImpacTeq Technology, this saddle pad molds to the contour of the horse's back, ensuring a secure and custom fit. A multi-dimensional air mesh allows air flow and promotes circulation, while an open-cell non-newtonian foam transforms from soft to rigid upon impact. The pads are breathable, antimicrobial and easy to clean. Delivering support, comfort and protection, riding with ImpacTeq is riding with confidence. Available on order though store inventory may vary.

EquiFit ImpacTeq Half Pad

  • - Absorbs extreme impact and promotes circulation
    - Molds to horse's contours for secure and custom fit
    - Breathable, antimicrobial, and easy to clean

    EverLeather & ImpacTeq Technology