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Show Coat Laundry Guide

If you have bought a show coat this year, you were probably told that it can be washed -- in the washer. Some of you say - how can that be??? Well it can be and it is -- here's how.

My favourite coats (and those featured at EQ) are Cavalleria Toscana, Sarm Hippique, Winston Equestrian, Asmar Equestrian, Schockemohle Sports, and Kerrits Affinity. They are all indeed washable and best if you have a front-loading washer (though not impossible if you don't).

The best way to wash a show coat:

  1. Turn coat inside out

  2. Place in a lingerie (mesh) bag

  3. Wash on gentle, low suds, on cold -- try using Micro Wash from Hey -- preferably in a front-loading washer (top loaders have the center agitator which increases the risk of having the coat caught and possibly damaged -- so be vigilant if using)

  4. Remove promptly from washer

  5. Put on hanger to dry -- do not put in dryer or try to "fluff" on low heat -- don't iron

Your breeches are also of course washable in cold water (inside out) and hang dry.

Hope that helps. If the manufacturer of your coat has other instructions -- then of course follow those.

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Ashley Matchett Woods is the owner of The Equestrian’s Concierge at Sonoma Horse Park in Northern California. EQ offers premium brands in tack and apparel.

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