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Show Coat Sizing Guide

You may know the size of your show coat – based on Grand Prix’ English sizing used for years in this country. With more technical fabrics entering the ring, we see many more brands. Ariat sizes in American and English sizes, but some European brands like Cavalleria Toscana and Winston Equestrian have even different sizing systems. Here’s EQ's quick guide for knowing your size across brands and across fabrics. We'd love to help, email to make a shopping appointment or with any questions.

Translating. Say you're a size 12 in English sizing – that usually means you’re a size medium (on the smaller side of medium as opposed to a medium-large American). This makes 10 a Small and an 8, XS. European sizes (not Italian) are mapped next and last here, are the Italian equivalents to approximately:


  • 6/XXS/32/40 (this is often a young teen too)

  • 8/XS/34/42

  • 10/Sm/36/44

  • 12/Med/38-40/46

  • 14/Med-Lge/40-42/48

  • 16/XL: 42-44/50

  • 18/XXL: 46/52

Size 12Tall can make 12 feel more like a 40 than a 38 – depending on body type.

Equally as important to the size, is the cut – Let’s make sure we know what that means:

  • Tall (long)/reg/short: this refers to the height of the size – from the shoulder to waist not the hem, or “skirt” Ideally, your coat’s waist sits on your waist. A sign that your coat is too “long” is some buckling – horizontal little ripples – at the base of your back,. This means you need one size shorter. If the coat is too “short” you may see some pulling on the lower ribs – where the waist of the coat (its narrowest point) is sitting above your smallest point.

  • Slim: Slim is simply narrower through the body

  • Endowed: Same measurements, but provides some more room for the girls

Another consideration: fabric. Thinner, lighter fabrics are very cool – but they are also less forgiving and have less “drape” from the weight – meaning, they can be less smooth. Be sure your body type works with that.

A bit more substance in a performance fabric can still be very cool, and make for a crisper look – and in some cases, have more stretch.

The best bet is try them on – with the help of someone qualified in how they should fit and in how the fabric will behave once on a warm body -- and/or laundered. See EQ's Guide for Washing your show coat.

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