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Sock it to Me -- A Guide

Many of you have endured my lecture on sock selection - especially for tall boots. And I bet - if you've heeded my advice - you now agree.

Take note the next time you wear some wild print that resembles a knee-hi stocking -- yes, that smell is from your socks! Having performance socks are not just more comfortable, it's better for your foot and your boots.


We are athletes -- we sweat, get dirty and stay in our boots for long periods of time. Moisture management is essential for the health of your skin. Inside your boot is the perfect place for athlete's foot -- its hot, dark and moist -- so you can grow bacteria of your very own. Not only are we talking about the health of your foot, it's about the interior of your boots. With the trend toward ever-softer calfskin for our boots, even the lining, and sometimes the actual footbed, are also this luxury leather -- take good care of it. Good boot hygiene also keeps you from inserting your toes into a science experiment every time you ride.


Our recommendation: choose a wicking, breathable fabric like Drilex, CoolMax, Bamboo, Wool, etc. Yes, that's bamboo -- a natural anti-microbial, performance textile that feels really soft. Wool is of course the original performance fabric -- just take care that wool socks are actually an appropriate % to insure wicking and breathability. Note: nylon is not on the list! Those fun socks are pretty but get the CoolMax version, several brands make them now.


There are so many -- but here's a few that may help you while shopping:

  • Schockemohle socks are coveted and have the slimmest fit with padded foot we've found at a good price -- plus Winter and Summer versions

  • Winston is the luxury sock, delivering comfort in a very thin Bamboo fabric

  • Kerrits does a Smart Wool that is terrific -- lasts a long time and is still very thin

  • Epona Smooth Finish -- top seller -- available in Jr. and Adult

  • Zocks/OV CoolMax with the pretty leg prints

So let us know what you think -- what are your favorites? • @OutfittedByEQ • #OutfittedByEQ •

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